Why Local Matters

At Empty Provisions, we believe in transparency in all aspects and proud support of our neighbors, reflecting a rich hometown history of shoemaking and a thriving artistic community today. 

By sourcing and producing locally, we’ve minimized our carbon footprint. Our central-Maine based manufacturing partner celebrates a long artisanal history, paying their employees a living wage and keeping the local economy stimulated.  Additionally, each of our leather pieces are sourced from a tannery just down the road from our factory.

All of our packaging is made in the USA and from post-consumer waste—and you can recycle it at home! 

We strive to keep things simple, ethical, and sustainable, so you can feel good knowing each purchase helps the local New England economy, keeps skilled craftspeople doing what they love, and preserves the art of shoemaking in the USA.



Did you know that less then 1% of all shoes sold in the U.S. are produced here? 

Empty Provisions is proud to be part of that 1%.